About Us

The people of Bangladesh and India have a deep bond of inseparable cultural ties. To snatch the crimson red sun of Independence in 1971 like many heroic freedom fighters, many Indian soldiers also laid down their lives. The friendship and bond between the two nations are sealed by that sacrifice.After the Independence, the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the then prime minister of India Srimati Indira.

Gandhi took a number of important steps to further strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two nations. As part of realizing the two leaders desire, initiative was taken to set up Bangladesh and India Friendship Society (BIFS). The main objective of forming the friendship society was to build a bridge of friendship between the people of the two countries. After formation of the society, different programmes were taken to further promote the amity between the two by exchanging delegations and programmes in the fields of cultural and social activities.

Besides, the important days of Bangladesh and India are being observed with due respect. The Bangladesh-India friendship Society can promote and further seal the bond of friendship between the two peoples.Keeping the demand of time ahead, the society begins its new journey with a new vow to open a new chapter between the two nations. The demands and achievements of the both should be looked at on the basis of the reality.

We the two nations reaffirm our strong commitment to live in a peaceful and secured environment. In today world, none can live isolated as an island. It is possible to remove each other problems in friendly ties with a good neighbourly relationship which this society sincerely believes. We shall leave behind a safe cocooned shelter for our next generations through our sincere endeavour of merit and ability.There is no alternative to stop all the machinations against humanity like the militancy than the bond of amity between the people.We are working relentlessly towards achieving that goal which is our commitment.

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